Engineering Services

Quote, Drafting and Project Management

Pondeljak Engineering provides free quotation for works, CAD drafting service, and is experienced in Customer liaison for Project Management and Project Planning for coordination of works.




Pondeljak Engineering has a comprehensive Engineering Workshop facility with limited requirement for outsourcing which significantly reduces delivery lead times.




Site Installation

Pondeljak Engineering offers an experienced Mobile Welding Service and Installation Service.


Pondeljak can supply site specific SWMS’s on request, and can attend site for works fully equipped to safely complete works.


Pondeljak has relevant insurances which can be supplied on request




Fabrication Capabilities

Material Applications

Pondeljak Materials (Worked)

All ProductsMild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steels, Cast Steel

Cutting Application

Pondeljak Cutting Processes

Sheet MetalGuillotine - Hydraulic LIMITS: 3000mm x 3.0mm Mild Steel
Steel Plate and Structural SteelOxy Acetylene Cutting (Ferrous)
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Sheet and PlatePlasma Cutting (Ferrous and Non Ferrous to 16mm)
Steel Plate / Bar / AngleCropping – Steel Shearing (to 15mm plate), Round Bar Cutting (to 30mm), Square Bar Cutting (to 25mm), Punching (to 22mm plate)
Steel Tube / Angles / PipeCold Saw Cutting
Steel Pipe and Structural SteelSteel Band Saw Cutting

Bending Application

Pondeljak Bending Processes

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Sheet & Plate3000mm Hydraulic CNC Press with straight and gooseneck tools for range of bend angles. APPROX LIMITS: 3.0mm (t) x 3000mm (L) , 6.0mm (t) x 2500mm (L), 12.0mm (t) x 1200mm (L)
Steel Flat BarHand Bending to approx 10mm
Pipe and Tube BendingPipe Benders to 2"/50mm
Steel Plate RollingPlate Rollers LIMIT: 1200mm x 6.0mm

Drilling Application

Pondeljak Drilling/Reaming Processes

Steel Plate and Structural SteelRadial Drilling
Structural SteelMagnetic Drilling

Welding Application

Pondeljak Welding Processes

Volume WeldingMIG Welding
Specialist Welding and MobileArc Welding AC/DC
Specialist WeldingTIG Welding

Finishing Application

Pondeljak Finishing Processes

All ProductsSpray Painting

Mobile Application

Pondeljak Mobile Services

Remote Site Works - Self Sufficient PowerMobile Power Generator
Remote Site Works - Self Sufficient WorksTool Trailer/s and Utility Vehicle/s

External Partner Application

External Partner Processes

All ProductsGalvanising
All ProductsLaser Cutting
All ProductsCNC Machining